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Valentine Day Week List Chart 2018 | Dates Schedule Timetable

Hey guys welcome back on the official website of Valentine’s Day which is going to release 2nd article of Happy valentine’s Day week 2018 calendar dates, schedule list Chart , like, ross day, propose day, teddy day, chocolate day, Friendship Day, Promise Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and the last one valentine’s day.

Valentine Week 2018 Calendar Dates Schedule

The Romantic week of the year is also known as Valentine’s week which starts with the friendship and end with Valentine’s Day. This is the 2nd article on this website which will give you very important knowledge about the valentine week. As we all know that this is the most romantic week because on this day, maximum couples enjoy their whole day and together. We can see lovers, couples everywhere on this day. But most of the people forget about the celebration dates of this week. If you don’t want to forget any day of this week then check our Happy Valentine’s Week 2018 Calendar Dates according to Gregorian calendar
Date Event Day
7th Feb 2018 Rose Day Wednesday
8th Feb 2018 Propose Day Thursday
9th Feb 2018 Chocolate Day Friday
10th Feb 2018 Teddy Day Saturday
11th Feb 2018 Promise Day Sunday
12th Feb 2018 Hug Day Monday
13th Feb 2018 Kiss Day Tuesday
14th Feb 2018 Valentines Day Wednesday

Valentine Day 2018 Week List Timetable

The romantic festival of valentine week celebrate for eight days from seventh february to 14 february. In this whole week couple enjoy creates many memorable moments. People starts their new relation with others. Some like give boost to their old relation.

Ross Day 7 February 2018

The first day of valentine week is Ross Day which  is coming on this 7th February 2018. There is a significant role of red rose flower on the first day of Valentine week. On this special occasion, People gives red rose to their partner, crush, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend. Some people also like to give red rose bouquet to that person who is very important in their life. Mostly guys give roses to girls on this day. Now time to move on the next day of Valentine week 2018 Schedule List.

Propose Day - 8 February 2018

The second day of this romantic week is Propose day. We all know that what is the meaning of propose. On the second day of this romantic week, mostly guys propose that girl whom they want to achieve in their life. They said i love you or some romantic lines, shayari to impress the girl and manipulate her for their love proposal. On this special occasion, many of the new relation starts and many weak relation broken. Propose day is very important day of Valentine Week 2018.

Chocolate Day 9 February 2018

On the third day of Valentine week people celebrate Chocolate day which is the most delicious day of the year. Because on this day people gift chocolates to their friends, lovers, girlfriend, boyfriend, crush or that person which is very special in their life. So if you want to make smile any person who made space in your heart, then this is the right day to say something special to her or him by gifting chocolate. This is one of the sweetest day of the year. Chocolate is that dessert which is tasty and full of cream. 95% in the world love chocolate. So cleberate this Valentine week schedule with chocolate day.

Teddy Day 10 February 2018

Teddy bear is a toy which is very soft made up from some plastic buttons, cotton, fluffy material. As we all know that small kids like teddy for play. But in these days, girls also love teddy only if it was gifted by her boyfriend or best friend. Giving a giant teddy to a girl is very impressive because every girl has a dream that someone should gift her a giant soft teddy on teddy day. So, you can do this and make her dream come true by gifting a giant teddy on Teddy day 10 feb 2018 in this valentine week dates.

Promise Day 11 Feb 2018

This is the fifth day of Valentine week on which people give promises to their friends, relatives, parents and lovers. Promise perform a very significant role in our life. So we should do promise after thinking a lot about it. Don't promise anything without thinking. Because if you are unable to complete that promise then it can hurt the promisor. So celebrate happy Valentine's Week by using our Schedule dates.

Kiss Day 12 February 2018
The sixth day is very special day of valentine week. Kiss day is the 6th day of this romantic week. This is the most romantic day when couples comes in physical relation. They kiss each other and wish happy kiss day. Some does daily but some wait for an special occasion. Celebrate Kiss day with your partner and make him/her happy.

Hug Day 13 Feb 2018
The seventh day (7th) of Valentine week which is very lovely and beautiful day. Hug is that thing which spread a lot of happiness and make increment in the bonds between broken relations. Give a tight hug to your lover on this Hug day 13 feb 2018.

 Valentine's Day 2018

This is the last day of Valentine's week which comes on 14th february. On Valentines day, people starts their new relation and old become more strong. Couple spend some quality time with each other. They give precious gift to each and create memorable moments together which are unforgettable. Happy Valentine's day 2018. So guys give your loved ones warm wishes by7n sending them this valentine chart this year.

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Timetable Schedule Chart Dates List

So guys all the list dates and schedule are announced so bookmark it as soon as possible. So guys all dates are given here in our website. Check more articles on Valentine's day in our website and do share it with your friends and lovers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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