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Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari SMS Wishes Messages In Hindi For GF

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari SMS Wishe Messages For GF,Today we share best collection of Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 SMS Messages, Valentines Day Hindi Sms 2018,

Happy Valentines Day Hindi Shayari  | Valentines Day 2018 SMS Wishes

Valentine’s Day 2018 Wishes, SMS, Quotes for Friends, GF, BF, Lover, Wife and husband. You must have heard people saying Valentine’s Day is made for lovers, and it is only their day but this may not be true. Look at the other side, Valentine’s Day was declared in order to celebrate love in our lives, so this can also mean we can celebrate this day with all those people that share any kind of love bond with us. Our friends and family too play an important role and share a strong bond of love with us. So, if you do or not have valentine, do not forget to celebrate a part of this day with all those people that love you. If you do not have time to spend quality time then you can take help of Funny Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Wishes, SMS, and Quotes for Friends, so that without doing anything, at least something you can do.

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Text Messages For Lover

We celebrate this day not only with our valentine but also with the people that share a bond of love in our life. Friends are the ones with whom we can share every situation and they are the people that understand our every mood swing. So, do you think sending them simple wishes will be fair? Of course not, they are special so they deserve a special smile on their face, which a normal wish cannot bring. Now, you must be thinking, if not simple wishes then what kind of wishes you can send?Something, which is more than ordinary, will here we provide funny, crazy valentines day 2018 jokes and shayari.
valentines Day 2018 SMS Wishes

1: Hindi Jokes On Wife On Valentines day..
    Yaar Main 2 Muskilon Main Phans Giyaa Hon>>>>
    Friend Ask: Wo Kon konsi khaan sahab ????
    B.V Makeup Karay To Kharcha Naqabil e Bardasht…
    OR Na Kary To B.V Naqabil e Brdasht…
    Happy Valentines Day 2015,,
 2:  Happy Valenrines Day 2u.
    u have to walk carefully..
    In the beginning of love..
    The running across fields,,
    Into ur lovers arms..
    Can only come later..
    When u r sure..
    They wont laugh if u trip..
 3:   Valentines Day Gift From Boyfirnd To girlfriend
    Boy friend To his G.F:
    (romantic andaaz main)
    – – – –
    Jaan dekho main tumhari zulfoon ke liye kiya laya!
    Girl friend:
    (Jazbaaati andaaz main) Kiya kya ???
    boy friend:
    BAREEK KANGI pury 5 rupy ki mili hai..
    aab tumhaary sar sy juoon ka khatma ho jaye ga,,
    happy valentines day my dear..
4: I Have Learend ….
    no matter how many friends u have,
    if u r their pillar,
    u will feel lonely
    and lost at the times u need them most.
    Happy Valentines Day For Being My Friend..
5:Tümhari Kanjüsi Dil Ko Bha Gai..
    Mujhe Bhi Apne Balance Ki Qader Aa Gai..
    Socha Ab Tüm Ko Message Na Karon.
    Magar jaan-e-kanjus 14 Feb Ki Date AA geyi.
    Happy Valentines day..
6: For u see..???
    each day!!!
    I love u more & More,
    Today more than yesterday!!!
    & less than tomorrow!!!!
    Luv u so much happy valentines day
7:  I looked and searched
    for a different way to Propose you..
    on Valentine’s Day…
    but couldn’t find ….
    Escept these three beautiful words..
    I Love You …

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Shayari Poems For GF BF

here we share best Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Shayari, Poems, Greetings, Messages for your lover, EX, GF, BF, Wife and husband.We all are familiar with the word “love”, who does not know about it? Even kids know what love is and what importance it has in our lives but this was not so earlier. Valentine’s Day has a deep history behind it, people fought against the injustice because of which, Valentine’s Day got its recognition. The Valentine’s Day is amongst those days which is celebrated worldwide with the help of greeting cards, chocolates, roses and many more. Every year people come up with new and innovative ideas but few things always remain constant which genuinely act as the backbone of celebration and they are valentines day poems, greetings, messages and a lot more. Wishes and the lines used for this are very important as they help you to convey what you want to say and that too in the most efficient way.
  • Mere Dil Ka Dharakna Bhi Tum Se Hai,
    AUr Sanson Ka Chalna Bhi Tum Se Hai,
    Meri Mohabbat Ka Jalna Bhi Tum Se Hai,
    Happy Valentines Day 2018..
  • Meri Saansen Chali Hain Aap K Pyar Se
    Sans Main Teri Sans Mili Tu Muje Sans I
    Wish You A Very Sweet Happy Valentines
    Day To You…..
  • Mohabbat Hi Mohabbat Hai,
    Mohabbat Main Hi Jeena Hai
    Yeh Ehd O Peman Hai Azal Se
    Mohabbat Main Hi Jeena Hai
    Mohabbat Main Ju Karta Hon
    Wohi Mohabbat Ka Kreena Hai
    Happy Valentines Day 2018..
  • Mohabbat Main Ju Gham Aaye Hans K Seh Leena
    Koi Bhi Gila Shikwa Ho Khul K Tum Keh Dena
    Tum Se Kabhi Bhi Juda Nahi Honga Main
    Magar Kabhi Bhi Yeh Matt Kehna Mere Bin Hi Ji Lena
    Happy Valentines Day ��
  • Wish You A Very Happy And Loveful Day
    Of Valentines Day, May You Find Your
    Love With Faithfully, Have Sweet Sweet
    Valentines Day….
  • Happy Valentines Day
    Dar O Dewar Se Hasrat C Barasti Hai Qateel
    Jane Kis Deas Gaey Sath Nibhane Wale..!!
  • Mohabbat K Es Pyare Din Aao Hum 2no
    Yeh Wada Kren K Marte Dam Tak 1 Dosre
    Ka Daman Nahi Choren Gya, I Love You
    Happy Valentines Day 2018>>>>
  • Kaanto ke badle phool kya doge
    Aansoon ke badle khushi kya doge
    Hum chahate aap se umar bhar ka saath
    Hamare iss sawal ka jawab kya doge…

Happy Valentines Day Romantic SMS For Lovers

so the answer will be internet. All the latest collection of Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Shayari, Poems, Greetings, and Messages are available and that too in many languages that will redefine the meaning and importance of valentine. Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love and romance, so it will be genuine that your valentine will expect something extraordinary. So, make every single bit better than before and start it from changing your wishing style. valentines day Poems and shayaries are better than using any other simple way, and also they can make your, this valentine everlasting with the small-small effects, you put.

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